Papers in Journals

  1. G. Fernandes, N. J. Muga, A. N. Pinto, Digital monitoring and compensation of MDL based on higher-order Poincaré spheres, Optics Express, Vol. 27, No. 14, pp. 19996 -20011, July, 2019,
  2. J. F. Kuhne, Ana M. Rocha, C. Barreto, R. C. Kamikawachi, Estimation models for the Refractive Index response curve of EFBGs, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020,



  1. Ana M. Rocha, T. Almeida, R.N. Nogueira, M. Facão, Components for Multi-Core Fiber Transmission Systems based on Long Period Gratings, IEEE Photonics Society IEEE Summer Topicals Meeting Series SUM, Waikoloa, United States, July, 2018 (Invited paper)
  2. N. J. Muga, G. FernandesM. J. N. Lima, A. N. Pinto, P.S AndréM. Facão, Ana M. Rocha, Optical and digital key enabling techniques for SDM-based optical networks, International Conf. on Transparent Optical Networks - ICTON, Bucareste, Romania, Vol., pp. -, July, 2018 (Invited paperl) 
  3. Liliana Sousa, G. M. Fernandes, M. Facão, R. N. Nogueira, A. M. Rocha, “Analysis of the coupling between a single-mode fiber to a multi-core fiber with long-period gratings”, 11th Conference on Telecommunications (Conftele 2019),  pp. 97 - 99, Lisboa, Portugal, June 2019
  4. N. J. Muga, R. K. Patel, I. AlimiN. A. Silva, A. N. Pinto, "DSP optimization for simplified coherent receivers, International Conference of Transparent Optical Network (ICTON)", Bari, Italy, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 4, July, 2020
  5. L. M. Sousa, M. Facão, G. M. Fernandes, R. N. Nogueira, A. M. Rocha, “Long-period grating based single-mode fiber to multi-core fiber pump coupler”, to be presented at Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2020.


Contributions to National Scientific Events

  1. Liliana M. Sousa, "Multi-core fibers devices for high-capacity optical networks", Pitch in Research Summit 2019, University of Aveiro, 2019.




PhD Theses

  1. Gil M. Fernandes, Digital Signal Processing for Optical Transmission Systems Based on Space-Division Multiplexing, Physical Engineering, University of Aveiro. (Concluded in December 2018)
  2. Liliana Mendes Sousa, Multi-core fibers devices for high-capacity optical networks,  Physical Engineering, University of Aveiro. (In progress)

Master Degree Theses

  1. Joana Vieira, Redes de período longo inscritas por irradiação por laser femtosegundo: fabrico, caracterização e modelação teórica (Long period gratings inscribed by femtosecond laser irradiation: fabrication, characterization and theoretical modeling),  Integrated Master in Physical EngineeringUniversity of Aveiro. (Concluded in December 2019)


  1. Diana Pereira, Simulaçao de redes de difracao em fibra otica inscritas dinamicamente por efeito kerr (Simulation of diffraction gratings dynamically inscribed in optical fiber by the Kerr effect), 3rd year undergraduate project, Integrated Master in Physical EngineeringUniversity of Aveiro. (Concluded in July 2019)